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Regarding UBERESSAYS.COM Services

The role of UBERESSAYS.COM is to coach/direct the client but it is the responsibility of the client to write or rewrite (as applicable) the application and supporting documents. UBERESSAYS.COM cannot guarantee acceptance into any particular school or into any of the client’s selected schools. Applicants submit essays, resumes and other materials and information at your own risk. Further, applicants and reviewers agree to hold UBERESSAYS.COM harmless from any academic, administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings. If a graduate school or professional program rejects an applicant, the applicant has no legal recourse against UBERESSAYS.COM even if UBERESSAYS.COM was advised of the possibility of such damages.


UBERESSAYS.COM respects the privacy of its users. We ask you for personal information only as it is needed for us to help you succeed in your application process. * All information provided to us by the applicant, in writing or in voice communications, shall be shared only with the designated reviewer except otherwise expressly provided in this Terms and Conditions. * UBERESSAYS.COM will not disclose any applicant/reviewer information without the consent of the user, to third parties, including other applicants, graduate schools admission offices, and test assistance centers, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Terms and Conditions. * UBERESSAYS.COM reserves the right to use user essays for educational purposes only provided that no personally identifying information (e.g., name, social security number, birth date, address) will be contained in the materials. At any time, users may request in writing that UBERESSAYS.COM not use their materials as specified above. Upon receipt of such notice, UBERESSAYS.COM will cease using such materials. * UBERESSAYS.COM does not give a reviewer the right to distribute an applicant’s essay or other personal information (including name, place of work, place of education) to any other individual or to third parties, including other applicants / reviewers, graduate schools admission offices, and test assistance centers. * A reviewer grants UBERESSAYS.COM the right to display basic reviewer information such as name, linkedin.com profile url, work experience, pre-mba industry, current school, current location and price ranges on UBERESSAYS.COM website. *A reviewer further grants UBERESSAYS.COM the right to solicit feedback on their work from applicants and show an aggregated data under their profile on the UBERESSAYS.COM website. Use of the Internet and the site is solely at your own risk and subject to all applicable international, federal, state and local laws and regulations, and although UBERESSAYS.COM has taken steps to create a secure and reliable site, the confidentiality of any communications or materials transmitted through the site cannot be guaranteed. UBERESSAYS.COM is not responsible for the security of any information transmitted through the Internet, the accuracy of the information contained on the site, or for the consequences of any reliance on such information. You assume sole and complete risk for using this site.


Uberessays charges a service fee of $5 or 10%, whichever is greater, to the reviewer set price as the final price to be paid by the applicant. The reviewer gets paid exactly the amount mentioned by the reviewers on their profile page before the applicant makes the payment.


In an event of any grievance raised by the applicant against a reviewer, UBERESSAYS.COM technical committee will take a second look at the essays. UBERESSAYS.COM and the reviewer will refund the applicant only in case of a “no-review� or a “superficial� review by the reviewer. UBERESSAYS.COM technical committee will be the ultimate judge of whether a complaint raised by the applicant merits a refund. Refunds will not be given for a disagreement between applicants and reviewers.